Overwatch’s Mei Is Coming To Blizzard’s “Dead” MOBA

A while ago, Blizzard mentioned they’re not going to be dishing out major updates to their MOBA Heroes of the Storm. My, how times have changed.

Fans of Heroes of the Storm will be elated to know that Overwatch’s Mei, one of this generation’s favourite Asian video game character, will be a playable character on Blizzard’s all-star MOBA title.

In Heroes of the Storm, Mei is a tank who has great crowd control, mobility, and survivability. She isn’t hot in dealing both siege and burst damage; she needs to rely on her teammates for that. She has moves like Snowball and Blizzard that damages enemies and slows them down. Her Heroic Abilities Avalanche and Snowball, while powerful, are meant to entrap and gather enemies for your teammates to swoop in for the kill.

Check out her sweet moves below. I feel that this tank is best as a defender who helps hinder foes while attracting aggro from foes. She does look like a ton of fun to play as.

Heroes of the Storm is available now and is free-to-play.

Author: Mr Toffee

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