Doom Patrol Season 2 Trailer Introduces The SeX-Men & New Villains

Doom Patrol ended its first season in May 2019 but was renewed for a second season a few months later. Season 2 of the bizarre comics adaptation will premiere on 25 June 2020 on two streaming services simultaneously; DC Universe and HBO Max.

A new trailer for Doom Patrol Season 2 has revealed what to expect from the upcoming new season, including new villains, The Candlemaker, Red Jack and Doctor Tyme, as well as a not-so-subtle mysterious superhero team called the SeX-Men.

The Candlemaker

Doom Patrol Season 2 1

The Candlemaker is a powerful psychic entity powered by humanity’s collective fear of the apocalypse. It was banished outside our plane of existence. However, he is brought to life by Dorothy (Niles Caulder’s daughter), who has the ability to turn imaginary beings into reality.

Red Jack

Doom Patrol Season 2 2

Red Jack is another immensely powerful and profoundly evil villain who could easily serve as the main antagonist of Doom Patrol Season 2. This villain claims to be the creator of the universe, after which he punished himself by banishing himself to another dimension and only returning once every 100 years. Last time he showed up, he played the part of Jack the Ripper until vanishing again.

Red Jack derives power from the pain and suffering of other beings. He even keeps a collection of live butterflies pinned to a wall in his manor, sustaining him during those long years in between killing sprees.

Doctor Tyme

Doom Patrol Season 2 3

Percival Sutter is a brilliant scientist who chooses to use his talent for evil. He’s designed a weapon called the 4-X Ray, one which allows him to speed up or slow down time. Sutter eventually abandoned his evil ways and began working with the Doom Patrol in the comics, so he might undergo a similar journey in Doom Patrol Season 2.

The SeX-Men

Doom Patrol Season 2 4

The SeX-Men are easily the strangest and most bizarre new characters to be introduced in Doom Patrol Season 2. This group is sort of a parody of Marvel’s X-Men, but they’re not villains. They’re actually a government-sponsored team who specialize in supernatural sexual situations. Their members include Captain Kiss, Lieutenant Cuddle, and Lieutenant Torture.

The official synopsis for Doom Patrol Season 2 (via TVLine) reads:

“DC’s strangest group of heroes are back again to save the world.

Following the defeat of Mr. Nobody (Alan Tudyk – “Harley Quinn”), the members of the Doom Patrol find themselves shrunken and stranded on Cliff’s toy race car track.

Here they begin to deal with their feelings of betrayal by Niles Caulder aka The Chief (Timothy Dalton – “Hot Fuzz”), while confronting their own personal baggage.

As each member faces the challenge of growing beyond their own past traumatic experiences, they must come together to embrace and protect the newest member of the family: Dorothy Spinner (Abigail Shapiro – “Broadway Kids Against Bullying: I Have a Voice”), Niles’ daughter, whose powers remain a mysterious but real threat to bringing on the end of the world.”


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