The Best Thing About The Persona 4 Golden PC Port? The Graphics & Difficulty Options!

You don’t need me to tell you that Persona 4 Golden is one of the best JRPGs on the planet. It’s got a likeable cast of characters, a solid mystery and narrative, a great mix of dungeon-crawling combat and socializing power-up mechanics via visual novel choice bits, and a rockin’ soundtrack.

The fact that this 10-out-of-10 JRPG is available on PC right now on the cheap means that you have no excuse to miss out on a genre-defining title. Here are the two highlights of the PC port that I want to bring up because they help make an already-stellar title all the more enchanting.

A Lot Of PC Features, Graphical And Otherwise


A 2008-made game that was ported onto PS Vita in 2012 is going to look decent thanks to a defined art style, but will not impress fidelity-wise. Still, Atlus did their PC homework and at least gave PC users a few features to make it run at an unlimited frame rate and arbitrary resolution support. Here’s the rundown:

  • Graphics: Rendering scale – 25% increments all the way up to 200%, letting you run the game at lower than your display resolution, or supersample from a much higher res.
  • Graphics: Anisotropic filtering and Shadow quality – Very basic options here. Shadows have Low, Medium, High, while anisotropic filtering only has Low, High, and Off.
  • Graphics: Anti-aliasing – On or off only.
  • Display: Screen mode – Windowed, Fullscreen, Borderless
  • Display: Resolution – Configurable in fullscreen or windowed. Thanks to rendering scale, not much reason to choose a resolution other than native.
  • Display: V-Sync – On or Off. I did notice some screen tearing on a low-end system with it disabled. However, if you have a variable refresh rate monitor, you likely won’t need V-Sync.
  • Audio language: Choose between English and Japanese voices.
  • Keyboard: Customizable keybinds for each input

While it would be nice to see an option to select frame rates, the unlimited cap is still welcome. Also, the fast-forward button helps move things along super-fast if you just want to get to the day-spending and gameplay.



I’m not getting any younger, meaning that I can’t invest too much time in JRPGs. Yes, I like the challenge, but I cannot justify farming mobs for too little gold and experience points.

Which is why I’m glad Persona 4 Golden lets me retain the hardcore challenge of a Shin Megami Tensei game but gives me more rewards for completing them. See, you can adjust certain parameters separately in the options menu. You can tweak the damage you take, the damage you dish out, the EXP you can win, the money you earn, and the retries count in dungeons and battles.


Don’t like starting dungeons over? Just tweak the retries. Want to go hardcore and have time to spare? Just tweak the XP and money so you get less than usual.

Me? I still want to get tested OG Shin Megami style, but I rather just earn more XP and money for my troubles. Hell, if you want to “press A to win” instead, just drop everything to the simplest and most rewarding setting. No one’s judging you, especially if you’ve beaten the game back in 2008.

Author: Mr Toffee

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