Ex-IGN Writers Speak Out About Company’s Exploitative Environment

Who likes some spilt tea? The internet sure does, especially when it comes to big companies like IGN.

A couple of ex-IGN writers have come out to talk on Twitter about many of the workplace injustices they’ve experienced while at the publication. First up is Mitch Dyer, a former writer at IGN from 2012 to 2016. He was pressured into writing gossip stories (when there aren’t any to back it up) by ex-editors Steve Butts and Tal Blevin, with the biggest target being Naughty Dog during the time when Amy Henig was let go from the company and Neil Druckmann was launching an alleged “hostile takeover”.

The duo also greenlit a false story stating The Last Guardian is cancelled without consulting IGN’s news team which Mitch was a part of.

Read the whole thread below.

Next up is Kallie Plagge, current GameSpot writer, who endured through abuse while in IGN. She suffered under the rule of Tal Blevin and Steve Butts. Lowlights include getting yelled at for not being available for work when she’s at lunch by the former and gets yelled at and verbally abused by the latter.

Keep in mind that this story is still developing. No official word(s) have been mentioned from ex-leads Steve Butts and Tal Blevins as of yet. I’ll say this though: game industry politics and behind-the-scenes stuff like this is unfortunately too common. While it’s good that the two writers have come out with these, they’d better get some legal help. There’s a good chance Steve and Tal may fire back, especially since the duo’s consultancy firm is on the line here.

Still, at least a few other game journalists are expressing their surprise and reactions towards these new updates.

Author: Mr Toffee

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