One of the best PC franchises of all time is Creative Assembly’s Total War franchise, and developer Feral Interactive is responsible for porting the games to the Mac platform. Well, now they’ve collected two of the best titles in the franchise in one convenient and cheaper bundle.

The new Total War: Samurai & Soldiers bundle consists of Total War Shogun 2 and A Total War Saga Fall Of The Samurai for only £54.99 or roughly RM294+ on the Mac App Store. Buying both separately will set you back £72.98 or roughly RM391+, which is considerably more expensive.

Total War Shogun 2 is beautiful, and ambitious, as well as still very much playable and impressive even now, almost a decade after its initial launch. It doesn’t feel dated at all, right down to the clean UI and great graphics.

Plus, this game is perfect for anyone who wants something to sink hundreds of hours into and devote their time to, especially while weathering the current COVID-19 pandemic. For a glimpse of how epic the game can be, feast your eyes below.


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