Rogue Legacy 2 Is Coming To Early Access Next Month

If you’re hankering for some 2D action platforming Metroidvania gaming via randomized player characters, you might like Rogue Legacy 2.

The sequel to the hit 2D indie game will be out in Early Access form this 23rd July on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. The game will have major updates coming in like new biomes (the randomized characters I mentioned) and new classes every two months, with the usual bug fixes and smaller powerup additions in-between. The Early Access status will last a year, though the timeline isn’t carved in stone.

Just be prepared to plop down US$20 if you want to get in on the action early. Here’s an official word from developer Cellar Door regarding the upcoming build, followed by a trailer:

“Before the launch of the first Rogue Legacy we received an immense number of ideas from the community through social media, emails, and our Steam Community forums. Your feedback resulted in new traits, balance tweaks and improved stability. We also had diehard fans creating incredible mods and content that kept Rogue Legacy’s flame burning.

All of this involvement helped steer RL1 in a better direction, and we feel that officially bringing Rogue Legacy 2 into Early Access is the next natural step.”


Author: Mr Toffee

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