All The New Legendaries In The Borderlands 3 Bounty Of Blood DLC [Update]

The Top 10 Best Weapons In Borderlands 3: Bounty Of Blood

#10. Robin’s Call


Reserved for Fl4K builds and for other builds that can get consistent criticals. The Robin’s Call can get a lot of bullets out with little to no effort in the right hands.

#9. Miscreant


Talk about bringing in the boom! This boss pistol is not up there with the Harold, but it’s a solid replacement and has a better firing rate. It’s reserved for Moze builds or any Vault Hunter build that can sustain a high firing rate without reloading too soon.

#8. Proprietary License


Remember the hard-to-farm Kaoson? This is the Bounty of Blood equivalent. This is a great substitute to the already-nerfed Kaoson; a godly SMG in its own right, but since you paid money for the Bounty of Blood DLC, it’s best to get your money’s worth, right? Better for Amara builds.

#7. Harold


The Borderlands 2 pistol makes an explosive return, and now with multiple elements. A versatile gun to equip, even if it isn’t as strong and OP as its past counterpart.

#6. Contained Blast


This Torgue assault rifle delivers the explosives and damage, as far as DLC weapons go. If you need a reliable assault rifle with a good magazine and a decent ammo-to-damage ratio, you cannot go wrong with this.

#5. Gargoyle


The splash damage and fire rate on this COV gun means you’ll want to use this on any armored foe and loader bot. The only issue with this powerhouse is that it only comes with one element and it eats up bullets faster than the top four.

#4. Beacon


Basically a superior version of the Hellshock pistol. Fires fast, deals a lot of damage quick, comes with more elemental flavours (like Radiation and Cryo), and shoots out a meaty nova around your character when you reload.

#3. Light Show


The only drawback to this massive fast damage dealer that’s perfect for all Vault Hunters is that you need to be mid-ranged and up-close to get max damage. Beyond that, why wouldn’t you use this pistol?

#2. Complex Root


Pretty lights, enemy frights. This sniper rifle brings a whole new meaning to “fire and forget” as it deals mega damage to anything it comes into contact with. The multiple AoE shots that come after its preliminary fire means that it will bust out the damage onto mobs and tough bosses. Also comes with two elements.

Note: the AoE on this bad boy can kill you quick, so take careful consideration if you’re using this weapon on Moze and Amara.

#1. Flipper


This Maliwan SMG features 2 elements, has a high firing rate, and spreads like literal wildfire (or shock, or ice, etc.). Simply put, its damage output and high firing rate means that it will fit with any Vault Hunter playstyle, especially with Fire Hoze Moze.


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