The Esports World Is Cutting Ties With TobiWan; Here’s Why

It’s a sad day for Dota 2 esports fans, as one of their heroes is outed for sexual assault and harassment in the latest of the current video game industry #MeToo movement.

Toby “TobiWan” Dawson, a renowned Dota 2 commentator whom we’ve interviewed back then, is being dropped by many esports bodies and organizations. Code Red Esports is dropping him from its representation, and Beyond The Summit has cut ties with him. Valve, the folks who made Dota 2, has removed his voice lines from The International 10 Battle Pass.

How Did It Come To This?

This all started when TobiWan tried to make himself an ally to the abused and asked men to learn from recent events of men being outed for their inappropriate behaviour. However, many women fired back, starting with renowned cosplayer Meruna.

This wasn’t an isolated incident, however.

TobiWan did create two separate TwitLonger messages about the situation.

Meruna responded in kind.

This also explained why certain Dota 2 personalities like Singapore’s Kelly “kellyMILKIES” Ong was attacked by the community for many years: he was “slut-shamed” by TobiWan.

TobiWan isn’t the only esports personality who was blacklisted from esports for allegations of misconduct. His fellow commentator Grant “GranDGranT” Harris was removed from Evil Geniuses due to his own allegations of sexual harassment.

Author: Mr Toffee

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