It seems like Metronomik & Sold Out have finally decided on a date to release its upcoming action game music fiesta title No Straight Roads after a recent delay.

NSR will be released this 25th August for PC (Epic Games Store), PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Best of all, you can have a go at a demo of the game at the Epic Games Store right now. And if you’re already diggin’ the game’s soundtrack, you can stream the mini-OST that’s available on Spotify (see below) and other music-streaming platforms.

Also, if you’re curious as to hear the game in Japanese, you can check out the BitSummit trailer below. Mayday is voiced by Ayane Sakura (Uraraka in My Hero Academia) while Zuke is voiced by Jun Fukuyama (Joker from Persona 5). Those are big names in the seiyuu industry, in case you couldn’t tell.

If you want an in-depth look at the game & some gameplay previews, check out our preview of the latest build of NSR. Or just check out the first 19 minutes of the game below.

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