Valorant Plans To Add Six New Agents Per Year

It’s been a few weeks since Riot Games’ Valorant has been out in the wild (you can check out our preview of the game here), but the developer is already teasing new content. They have released a video update for Valorant with executive producer Anna Donlon revealing what to expect from the game in the future.

The biggest news from the update is that Riot Games plans to release a new Agent with each Act, which means that there will be approximately six (6) new Agents (the equivalent of Heroes in the game) every year.

The Valorant calendar will also be separated into Episodes; each lasting about six months with three Acts per Episode. Players can expect story development and major updates with the release of each new Episode. Besides that, a new game mode is coming to Valorant before Episode 2, and there will be an increased focus on reducing disruptive behaviour in the near future.

You can watch the entire video below.


Author: Alleef Ashaari

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