Apex Legends’ Secret Message Teases Crypto’s Long-Lost Sister

Ah, the drama of long-lost family members. It seems like a secret message has been unearthed in one of the new Apex Legends bunkers; sent by none other than a possibly-alive Mila, long-lost sister of Crypto.

Since being introduced in Apex Legends Season 3, Crypto has been of the battle royale game’s most mysterious Legends, and much of his origins remain a secret.

According to Respawn Entertainment, Crypto actually has a sister named Mila, who “vanished under mysterious and violent circumstances”. In any story, those words usually mean that the character is usually still alive somewhere; it’s a common trope used in any medium of storytelling.

The latest teaser in Apex Legends points to exactly this as a recent new map change allowed players to open loot bunker 2 on Kings Canyon, where they discovered a message from someone who claims to be Mila, which was addressed to Crypto.

The video, which can only be played using Crypto’s drone, features the sister telling Crypto (whose real name is Tae Joon) that she thought he was dead, as well as revealing several more details about the mysterious attack that separated the two all those years ago.

The message reads:

“T, it’s Mi, I’m using the drone’s encryption protocol, only you can hear me.

They, whoever they are, they came to my place.

I got away, but they caught up with me.

I thought they were going to kill me.

I thought they killed you.”

However, the message is incomplete, as the screen shows “loading message 1/3”, which clearly means that two other parts of the message remain unrevealed. There’s no telling when or where the other parts of the message will be revealed, but players might find them in other bunkers in the near future.

Shortly after the discovery of Mila’s message to Crypto, the official Apex Legends Twitter account posted a cryptic tweet showing what appears to by Crypto’s laptop confirming that it was indeed his sister, Mila, speaking in the video. Kings Canyon is also featured in the GIF, so the rest of the message might still be somewhere in the map.

We’ll need the rest of Mila’s message to understand the full story, but rest assured that it will probably be something positively shocking. Apex Legends Season 5 went live in May 2020, and players have been learning more about the new season’s content ever since. Stay tuned on Kakuchopurei for all things Apex Legends.



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