Dead Cells Sales Surpass 3 Million; 19th Update Out Now

Dead Cells, 2018’s 2D action roguelike with Metroidvania moments, is a really good game. We dubbed it one of our favourite titles back then, and we’re not surprised it’s still getting a following. Especially after its Bad Seed DLC bundle that makes it more welcoming towards newcomers.

Developer Motion Twin mentioned that the game has surpassed its three million sales milestone. To celebrate, they have released an update called the Update of Plenty. Changes in this patch include tweaks to the economy and difficulty curve, weapon revamps for crossbows (now two-handed and classified under Survival), and the removal of scrolls from ++ and S weapons.

Sounds pretty nifty, and can put a lot of legs onto a two-year-old game since you won’t trip on your own feet so often in subsequent runs. Check out the full patch notes on this link.

Author: Mr Toffee

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