Square Enix Details Outriders Campaign, Pyromancer Class & Music

Earlier today, developer People Can Fly and publisher Square Enix hosted a live stream presentation for their upcoming third-person shooter RPG Outriders. In the broadcast, they detailed the game’s campaign structure, another of the four playable classes called the Pyromancer, and its music.

Outriders Campaign Structure

According to People Can Fly, the main campaign of Outriders will take around 25 to 30 hours for players to complete, and potentially two to three times longer than that if they choose to do all the side content.

While Outriders isn’t an open-world game, it does feature large maps, hubs, and side areas, with different zones featuring towns and bleeding into main story mission areas. There will also be hidden areas that players can discover to reap more rewards (this is an RPG after all). Side missions can be completed at any time, while the difficulty and rewards will scale based on the player’s character level.

Players can travel between the aforementioned different zones in their Outrider truck. They won’t be able to actually drive or control it, but it’ll be like their base of operations, which can be improved and customized with upgrades and new additions to the crew.

Outriders Pyromancer Class

The Pyromancer class is exactly what it sounds like, focusing on the use of fire-related abilities in combat. This class specializes in mid-range combat, and seems to be a archetype of the mage class from other RPGs.

Pyromancers are encouraged to fight from a safe distance, setting enemies on fire and burning enemies while they take damage over time, which also heals the Pyromancer when they die. The class also specializes in area of effect (AoE) attacks against multiple enemies, and even their melee attacks have extra fire damage.

Four Pyromancer abilities were showcased during the stream, which you can watch in the trailer above. Thermal Bomb marks an enemy and burning them, but if any nearby Outrider kills a marked target before the ability expires, the target will explode, dealing massive damage to all nearby enemies.

Outriders July

Ash Blast is more utility-focused, where the Pyromancer sends out a wave of ash around itself, stunning all nearby enemies, while Heatwave sends a line of fire in front of the Pyromancer, setting anything it hits ablaze.

Last but not least, Overheat deals minor fire damage to all enemies in an area, marking them for the Pyromancer’s healing abilities. But if Overheat strikes any enemies already on fire, it will still deal massive damage. There will be four more Pyromancer abilities, which remain unrevealed at this time.

Developer People Can Fly confirmed that Outriders won’t offer any PvP or competitive multiplayer, as well as the fact that players can have multiple characters per account.

Outriders Music

The music in Outriders is composed by Emmy Award Winner and three-time BAFTA nominee Inon Zur, best known for composing the music in games like 2007’s Crysis, 2009’s Dragon Age Origins and 2010’s Fallout New Vegas.

In a press release (via Gematsu), Zur said:

“As a composer, it’s always extremely exciting to be involved in building new worlds and telling new stories, so I’m thrilled to reveal that I have composed the score for People Can Fly and Square Enix’s epic sci-fi action game Outriders.

It was a lot of fun blending heavy orchestral soundscapes and futuristic musical sound design for this roller coaster sci-fi adventure and I can’t wait to share the music with you.

Outriders is slated to release for the PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC sometime in Holiday 2020.


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