Call Of Duty Warzone To Feature Counter UAVs

The latest Call of Duty: Warzone update recently added a Counter UAV to the game if a team uses four UAVs at the same time. However, a new leak (via ) suggests that these Counter UAVs will soon be purchasable items from the game’s Buy Station.

Currently-available killstreaks in Buy Stations include UAV’s, Cluster Strikes, and Precision Airstrikes, but some players have discovered that if they used four UAVs at the same time, a Counter UAV effect would activate for the opposing team.

The Counter UAV blocks the mini-map, causing the mini-map to be momentarily unavailable. This balances the game and gives a fighting chance to everyone.

Several players have since discovered the Counter UAV listed as an option in the training area, which means that it will likely be added to the Buy Station as a normal killstreak in the near future.

Players have posted screenshots and footage of the Counter UAV in the Buy Station as a purchasable item. The killstreak apparently costs US$4,500, which is the same amount as a Self-Revive Kit and US$500 more than a conventional UAV.

Counter UAV in Warzone? I have 20 days in to warzone (no life I know) but I have never seen this… Map changes coming soon?!? from CODWarzone

The description of the item states that it scrambles all enemy minimaps regardless of distance and that it will disrupt players’ Heads-Up Displays based on how close they are to the targeted area.

Once added, the Counter UAV will probably alter the current meta in Call Of Duty Warzone. Since knowing where the safe zone is important later parts of the games, the Counter UAV will negate the constant UAVs and Ghost perk while Recon contracts will likely be more valuable as they show where the next phase of the circle is.

Infinity Ward has not confirmed the Counter UAV as of yet, but players should expect it to arrive any day.


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