Verdansk Is Getting A Huge Makeover In Call Of Duty Warzone Season 5

We’re still in the midst of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 4, but that hasn’t stopped leaks and claims from being published online. According to VGC, Call Of Duty Warzone Season 5 will revamp the game’s current Verdansk map in various ways.

Apparently, players will soon be able to access the interior of the ‘Stadium’ situated in the middle of the Verdansk map, with the addition of a loot-filled train continuously circling the map.

Players might also be able to look forward to new in-game items brought into rotation and a greater focus on the narrative story that Infinity Ward has been developing since opening the bunkers for players to explore. In addition, the developer might be adding more experimental modes too, similar to the Juggernaut Suit and Realism modes which were recently introduced in Season 4.

Besides that, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Season 5 could potentially add new weapons, if data miners are to be believed, including the M200, SPAS-12, or AN-94, which was discovered in the game files for Season 4.

Players should also expect new operators. We received Captain Price in Season 4. To top that, the developer is said to be considering none other than the original Call Of Duty Modern Warfare‘s Soap MacTavish in the upcoming Season 5.

Soap Call Of Duty

However, none of this has actually been confirmed by Infinity Ward at this point in time, though sources are claiming that Season 5 will reportedly arrive sometime in early August 2020 (perhaps even 4 August 2020).


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