All The Games From Nacon Connect 2020

The Nacon Connect 2020 live stream took place earlier today, revealing several new games, as well as more content from previously-announced games.

Check them out below:

1. Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong

Nacon Connect 2

Developed by Big Bad Wolf Studio, Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong will launch for PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via the Epic Games Store sometime in 2021.

The synopsis reads:

Hazel Iversen, the Swan, is the new Prince of the Boston Camarilla.

An iron hand in a velvet glove, she intends to assert her power and enforce the Masquerade, the vampiric law designed to ensure humans never learn about her kind.

However, the best-laid plans of mice and men are often torn asunder.

As rumours of betrayal, murder, and power struggles reach fever pitch, you must work in the shadows to protect your Sect in a frantic investigation as the city of Boston is plunged into Chaos.

In Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong, players assume the role of three vampires, each over a hundred years old. Each character has their own vampiric disciplines that can be upgraded to suit your preferred approach, as well as allocate attributes and different skills.

The choices that players make during the investigation and their social interactions with characters can have a lasting impact on the fate of the three protagonists’ lives and the fate of the Boston Camarilla.

2. RiMS Racing

Nacon Connect 2020 3

Developed by Raceward Studio, RiMS Racing is a motorcycle racing game simulator. One of the unique features of the game is the ability to monitor the status of the bike in real-time. The game will also feature both online multiplayer and singleplayer career modes, as well as the modification of the mechanical aspects of the bikes.

RiMS Racing is slated to release sometime in summer 2021, but no platforms were specified.

3. Rogue Lords

Nacon Connect 4

Cyanide Studio and Leikir Studio have released the story trailer for their upcoming dark fantasy roguelike Rogue Lords. Featuring turn-based combat, players assume the role of the Devil himself and can form their own team of evil monsters like Dracula, the Headless Horseman or Bloody Mary.

Rogue Lords is slated to release for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam sometime in 2021.

4. Nacon x Microsoft

Nacon Connect 5

Nacon has announced a new global licencing agreement with Microsoft for the creation of officially licensed accessories designed for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC. This is an exciting development for gaming peripherals heading into the next generation.

5. Steelrising

Nacon Connect 2020

Developed by Spiders Studio (the same developer behind last year’s underrated RPG gem Greedfall), Steelrising is a new and original universe with a much more action-focused approach.

In Steelrising, players assume the role of Aegis, a robot in female form and serving as a bodyguard to Queen Marie Antoinette, whose objective is to put an end to the massacres carried out by the robot army of King Louis XVI, who seems to have gone mad while trying to suppress the French Revolution.

In the game’s version of Paris, players will find well-known monuments and others that don’t exist anymore. Thes include the Grand Chatelet and the Tour du Temple. The game asks the simple question of:

What would have happened if Louis XVI had been a tyrant and could indulge his passion for machines and automatons to crack down on the revolution in its early stages?

There is also more verticality to exploration in Steelrising compared to previous titles like Greedfall, so players have access to more movement varieties, such as climbing up on a balcony and discovering a secret passage to another location.

Aegis has weapons integrated into her body because she’s a robot, so players can choose to make her more powerful, more mobile, and more durable. She will have access to more than seven families of weapons, each one with its own unique characteristics.

The weapons range from ones on Aegis’ arms for very light combat to alchemical rifles for long-range attacks and much heavier weapons that players can use to flatten your enemies with maximum force. Last but not least, the game will feature lots of side quests, so players can also find unique gear and items that tie into these quests.

Steelrising is slated to release on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC (via Steam), though a release date or window has not been announced.

6. Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood

Nacon Connect 2020 7

Developed by Cyanide Studio, Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood is a unique experience full of savage combat and mystical adventures, inspired by the famous role-playing game.

Players assume the role of Cahal, a powerful Garou (read: a freaking werewolf) who chose to go into exile after losing control of his destructive rage. He can transform into a wolf and a Crinos, a huge ferocious beast.

Players must master the three forms and powers of human, wolf and Crinos to punish those who defile Gaia, Mother Earth. Each form has its advantages: the wolf can sneak around undetected, Cahal as a human can interact with other people, and the Werewolf can unleash its rage to tear enemies apart.

On his quest for redemption and blood, Cahal plays a crucial role in the great war between the Garou and Endron, a powerful oil company that serves the Wyrm, a destructive spirit ravaging the planet.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood is slated to release for PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store on 4 February 2021.

7. Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

Nacon Connect 2020 8

Developed by KT Racing Studio, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is the long-anticipated return of the Test Drive franchise after 2011’s Test Drive Unlimited 2. The physics engine is based on their work with the WRC racing series. It will feature cars from Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Bugatti, as well as extensive customization options for the player’s avatar.

The developer has yet to reveal specific platforms and release dates or windows, with the exception of PC via Steam.

8. Roguebook

Nacon Connect 2020 9

Developed by Abrakam Studio, Roguebook is a deck-building game with crafting and roguelike elements. This is set within the same world as their previous game, Faeria, and many of the characters come from that game as well.

The biggest surprise is that the developer is working with the legendary Richard Garfield, creator of Magic: The Gathering, to help design this game.

Nacon Connect 2020 10

9. Tennis World Tour 2

Screenshot (506)

Tennis World Tour 2 features new animations, increases the pace of the game, and offers players more opportunities to express their skill and score points. Pair up and compete in doubles matches or opt-in for a short flurry of intense competition in Tie Break Tens.

Tennis World Tour 2 is slated to release for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC sometime in September 2020.

10. Warhammer Chaosbane

Screenshot (507)

Developed by Eko Software, players can either play solo or with up to four in local or online co-op, choose a hero from five character classes with unique and complementary skills, and prepare for epic battles wielding some of the most powerful artefacts of the Old World.

Warhammer: Chaosbane is coming to the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

11. WRC 9

WRC 9 is slated to release for Xbox One, PS4, PC via Epic Games Store on 3 September 2020, and at a later unspecified date on Xbox Series X and PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

You can check out the entire 40-minute or so Nacon Connect 2020 live stream below.


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