[Rumour] Watch Dogs Legion Screenshots Feature Football Hooligans & Spies

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla isn’t the only game leaked out of Ubisoft’s vault. Watch Dogs Legion screenshots seem to be making its rounds onto Imgur.

The screenshots detail the game’s pool of operatives, including cops, spies, and football hooligans. These characters will be handling their own dystopian tech and surveillance/counter-surveillance measures in their own way. Information will also be available when you’re walking around so that you can see what random people on the street are equipped with.

Watch Dogs Legion features a mechanic where you can recruit any NPC in the game; basically, a playable character who changes his/her look every time he/she dies. Your choice of operatives determines what abilities you have access to. The hooligan can take less damage and call his pals for a brawl, while the spy gets a silenced pistol and other spy gear.

Honestly, this leak seems too convenient and is probably the company’s way of indirectly drumming up hype. The fact that previews for both Watch Dogs Legion and AC Valhalla are due in a couple of days also adds to said convenience. We’ll find out more on 12th July (PST) when the Ubisoft Forward online event happens this coming weekend. 

Author: Mr Toffee

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