Super Smash Bros. Community Figure Sky Williams Accused Of Abuse Of Power & Unpaid Loans

The name Sky Williams may not be familiar to many outside of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community, but his associations in the esports circuit might be: D1, Keitaro, and ZeRo are renowned for SSBU highlight plays online and offline.

The trio of fighting game esports players (among many others in the SSBU circuit) has stayed in one of the several houses owned by Sky Williams. Alongside the current allegations of the SSBU’s dirty laundry, more figurative bits are piling up and aren’t making the community looking good. 

First up is Jacqueline “Jisu” Choe, an artist with a background in the SSBU community. She lived in the first “Sky House” and detailed the psychological abuse Sky has over her on a Google Doc.  He has “emotionally extorted and blackmailed people into submission”, including not paying Jisu for the work he commissioned.

Sky also owed a lot of people money, including commentator LS and Cloud9 Overwatch League player-manager Susie Kim.

Another artist, Melissa “ffsade” Yabumoto, said that Sky had full control over the quality of one’s life in the house.

“What constituted the tier arrangement was based primarily on how close you were to Sky. If you had money, had attractive ideals to him, or were of use to him (e.g., his editors and personal assistants which he nicknamed ‘workers’ or ‘slaves’), then you were more likely to be a higher tier.

Housemates that played video games all day were often considered low tier, especially if they were pursuing a gaming career without notable results or were just consistently being 1-upped by Sky.”

Leaked messages between Sky and ex-housemates were posted on Twitter and Reddit, especially during a Twitch broadcast he did recently where he addressed these allegations of power, harassment, and sexual misconduct. The stream ended midway when a roommate pulled the plug on his router. Contents of the chat include Sky threatening to break personal belongings and calling the cops because he wasn’t warned about a guest coming over to the house beforehand.

The fact that someone had to cut off Sky’s stream mid-way because it made the SSBU community look bad only exemplifies the current s***storm it’s going through. These include the pedophilia and sexual assaults that have been hidden until recently.


Author: Mr Toffee

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