The Original Shantae Game Boy Color Game Is Getting A Re-Release


If you want to play the original Shantae game on Game Boy Color, you may need to fork out US$4,000 for a boxed copy. Assuming you still have a working Game Boy Color, of course. Short of using emulators, there isn’t much else you can do if you want a physical copy of the first-ever WayForward genie Metroidvania series.

That is until now, thanks to Limited Run’s latest announcement. The physical retro game-making company will be re-releasing the original Shantae in reproduced cartridge form. The game will also be out on Switch in physical and digital form; this news now completes the Shantae series circle on Nintendo’s latest console.

On a related note, we’ve done a few videos on Shantae and its really awesome music. Check them out below:

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