The Sims 4 Is Getting Its Own Reality TV Show

Building nice houses and creating crazy tales in The Sims 4 may not be esports material, but it can be competitive in a way. EA is banking on this since it has announced plans on making a competitive reality TV show out of the game.

The upcoming reality TV show is called The Sims Spark’d and is going to be aired on America’s TBS channel next week. The show will give contestants challenges they’ll need to overcome by putting together unique characters and stories, all within a 2-hour time limit.

There’s no news about what the criteria for the contests are, but it’s refreshing to hear about an idea for a video game contest being determined by something other than quick reflexes and kill counts.

Who are the contestants who will be on this TV show? So far, we have YouTube content creators like Docter Ashley and Xmiramira, who will be competing for US$100,000. The judges will be Sims 4 YouTube content creator Kelsey Impicciche, singer-songwriter Tayla Parx, and Maxis producer Dave Miokte.

As a bonus for Sims 4 fans, EA will be hosting some in-game challenges to let players compete for a chance to star in a future season of The Sims Spark’d. This will start on 17th July.

Since we don’t have TBS here, we can tune to the show via Buzzfeed Multiplayer’s YouTube channel on Mondays (PST).

Author: Mr Toffee

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