[Rumour] Borderlands 3 Vault Hunters May Be Getting A Fourth Skill Tree

There are rumours and going-ons that Borderlands 3 may be receiving a fourth skill tree. Turns out that it may be arriving pretty soon.

According to dataminer DelusionPhantom and chancehugs, they seem to have found assets that lead up to new skill trees for each of the Vault Hunters. If you click on those links and Imgur links, the new skills are in purple colour.

Here’s the breakdown:

Fl4k: His new action skill is called Gravity Trap. The pet that comes with this tree is a Loader Bot. One of the skills in this tree is an attack command override move that allows them to summon all their pets to the field.

Moze: Her new action skill is called the Iron Cub, which is a mini-version of the Iron Bear that acts like a drone rather than a mech she rides in. Think of it as a longer-lasting Auto Bear that uses her Action Skill anointments easily.

Zane: His new skill is a Shoulder Cannon, a one-time use skill that acts like Fl4k’s Rakk Attack skill. This means he can utilize Action Skill End anointments.

Amara: Her new skill is called Phasetrance. Unfortunately, little is uncovered and revealed about this new ability. Our guess is that it will open up a Radiation elemental option.

These sounds more in line with what the Borderlands 3 directors wanted to do instead of creating new Vault Hunters. Previously, they’ve mentioned that in past titles, no one used the additional Vault Hunters, so this is their way of changing things up. Personally, these new action skills can help open up new avenues for innovative builds, provided they’re true.

There’s no set date for these new action skills and fourth skill tree at this point in time. If you want to find out more about the state of Borderlands 3, check out the video below.

Author: Mr Toffee

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