Ubisoft Executives Step Down & Resign Due To Sexual Misconduct Allegations


As if leaks weren’t bad enough, Ubisoft made some of its executives and higher-ups step down following allegations of sexual and professional misconduct.

The company announced the departures of Serge Hascoët, Yannis Mallat, and Cécile Cornet. Each of them faced different accusations -misogyny, homophobia, attempted drugging, culturing a toxic environment- that led to reports of the company’s “mafia-like” culture and the protection of key studio members. This also included forcing out of employees who dared to file complaints. The departures are “voluntary”.

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot posted an official statement regarding these turn of events.

“Ubisoft has fallen short in its obligation to guarantee a safe and inclusive workplace environment for its employees. This is unacceptable, as toxic behaviours are in direct contrast to values on which I have never compromised — and never will. I am committed to implementing profound changes across the Company to improve and strengthen our workplace culture.

Moving forward, as we collectively embark on a path leading to a better Ubisoft, it is my expectation that leaders across the Company manage their teams with the utmost respect. I also expect them to work to drive the change we need, always thinking of what is best for Ubisoft and all its employees.”

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