Far Cry 6 Will Have A Voiced Protagonist & Can Be A Him Or Her

Who needs silent protagonists when you are a multicultural video game-making company who can afford Gustavo Fring and Miguel from Coco in your action-adventure first-person shooter game? Ubisoft is ditching that trope and is going to bring back a voiced protagonist in Far Cry 6, but with a few twists.

Players will control a protagonist named Dani Rojas, who is a native of the island of Yara, the backdrop of Far Cry 6 which is a city in the midst of a guerilla revolution against Presidente Anton Castillo and this regime. And here’s the cool part: Dani Rojas can either be either male or female, just like in Ubisoft’s last Assassin’s Creed title. Dani not only will have ties to the island, but also will be featured in the game’s cutscenes.

According to a GameSpot interview, the game’s narrative director Navid Khavari are fleshing out its protagonist this time and adding more context to the character, the revolution storyline in the game, and the cultural aspects of Yara.

“What’s interesting about Dani is that while they were raised in Yara, they aren’t necessarily looking to be part of a guerilla movement from the onset.

One of the interesting aspects for us was seeing this character swept up in the movement, being drawn into it in that way, and embracing the almost David versus Goliath conflict across the entire island.

For the series, it’ll be fresh for players to see Dani in cutscenes, to be able to see them make decisions, and interact with other characters.”

One can criticize Ubisoft for trying its best to homogenize its games by adding bits from one and then combining it nonsensically with another; the Ghost Recon games fall victim to this. On the other, the Far Cry games could use some spicing up; this might help in-between the killing and open-world destruction you’ll be doing 80% of the time. Let’s hope the gameplay is on-par with Far Cry 4 and Blood Dragon and less like New Dawn.

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