Hyper Scape Features A Malaysian As A Playable Hero

In yesterday’s Ubisoft Forward July 2020 live stream, the publisher revealed that its free-to-play battle royale online multiplayer shooter Hyper Scape is now available for PC in open beta. In the game, players can choose from a roster of 11 playable heroes, or Champions as they’re referred to in-game.

Interestingly, one of those Champions is a Malaysian named Noor Casulink, whose real name is Noor Azimah Binti Yusof. You see, the world of Hyper Scape works sort of like the one in Ready Player One, where people compete in a virtual world using avatars.

Noor Hyper Scape 1
Noor Casulink default skin.

Hyper Scape Noor

According to her wiki page, 23-year-old Noor Azimah is dubbed the “face of Southeast Asia” in the world of Hyper Scape by pundits from ‘People to watch and VR Remaja. However, it’s a label Noor has publicly rejected, arguing that it “diminishes understanding of the ethnic diversity of the region”.

It’s good to know that something like a futuristic version of Dewi Remaja still exists in the future (I’m being sarcastic). In terms of playstyle, the wiki states that she tends to favour “spectacle rather than efficiency, which is consistent with previously recorded on-link behavioural patterns”.

Noor Hyper Scape 2
Noor Casulink ‘Amethyst’ rare skin.

Noor Azimah is also described as a “fashionista who makes most of her income from variety streaming”, and that “the marketing department is currently negotiating rights to user Noor’s inaugural line of B-Link cosmetics”.

I’m actually genuinely surprised how accurately that describes many of the local hijab-clad ‘Instagram influencers’ and ‘streamers’ in Malaysia, especially the part where they’re going into selling cosmetics and the like.

Kudos to Ubisoft for including a playable Malaysian Champion in Hyper Scape, and a hijab-clad female one at that. Chalk one up for diversity and representation, though we’ll still have to see if she’ll turn out to be great to play as.

You can join the Hyper Scape open beta now by heading to the official website here and downloading it (it’s free).


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