This LEGO NES Set Is Going Retro

Hot off the heels of its Super Mario LEGO collaboration, Nintendo and LEGO are teaming up once again for a nostalgia-fuelled set based on the classic NES console of the 1980s.

The LEGO NES set, which was teased in a five-second video by LEGO’s official Twitter account last night, will apparently allow fans to build a Nintendo Entertainment System console and accompanying controller out of LEGO bricks, along with a Super Mario Bros. cartridge and even an old school television for authenticity.

While the teaser video is dark and MYSTERIOUS, leaked images of the upcoming set have since been posted on the Chinese website VJGamer (where they were spotted by Twitter leaker @Nibellion).

According to the leaked images, the LEGO NES set will contain 2,646 pieces in total and a surprising 18+ age rating for the set, which we have to assume is a mistake given the family-friendly nature of both Nintendo and Lego.

Official pricing and availability have yet to be announced. German Lego site Promobricks claims that the LEGO NES set will arrive in Germany on 1 August 2020 and priced at €229.99 or roughly RM1,113+.

If true, that’s even more expensive than buying an actual NES.


Author: Alleef Ashaari

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