Tales Of Crestoria Is Now Available To Download On Mobile

Bandai Namco initially released the final trailer for Tales Of Crestoria, an upcoming free-to-play entry in the venerable JRPG franchise for mobile platforms, earlier this year. It was originally slated to launch sometime in June 2020, but it looks like fans will have to wait a while longer.

The Tales of Crestoria app can now already be installed for iOS via the App Store and Android via Google Play.

However, it is not actually playable yet, as it is currently undergoing maintenance in preparation for its official launch, which will likely be happening soon.

Here is the in-game maintenance message:


Thank you for installing Tales of Crestoria.

We are currently preparing for release and kindly ask our players to wait a little longer until service officially begins.

Thank you for your support.

We hope you enjoy Tales of Crestoria.

Tales Of Crestoria features protagonists Katana Hjuger and Misella as they’re hunted down for committing a sin. What’s interesting for existing fans of the Tales franchise is that the game also features key characters from previous mainline Tales games, including Cress Albane (Tales Of Phantasia), Velvet Crowe (Tales Of Berseria), and Luke fon Fabre (Tales Of The Abyss).

Tales Of Crestoria

Tales of Crestoria blends classic turn-based Japanese RPG gameplay with an original and unforgettable Tales story of morality. Up to four different people can be commanded in a single battle, with powerful Artes and Arcane Artes available.

Your characters in Tales Of Crestoria will even engage in dialogue and banter as you explore the world. In addition, as you continue to battle and increase a character’s proficiency, you will unlock special side episodes dedicated to that character. These are separate from the main story of the game.

In the meantime, check out the special pre-release skit below.


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