Here’s When You Can Play The Marvel’s Avengers Beta From Square Enix

MARVEL'S AVENGERS: A-DAY Official E3 Trailer (2019) Square Enix Marvel Entertainment and Square Enix


Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics will be delivering a beta of upcoming action game Marvel’s Avengers for us to “deep dive” into (via IGN).

Here are the dates when you can both pre-order the game and play the beta, be it the pre-order version or the open beta. The beta will feature a bit of everything: campaign content, co-op missions, hero progression, and exploration in War Zone and Drop Zones.

It’ll be held this August. Schedule’s below.

In addition, Crystal Dynamics will be hosting a second War Table presentation this month on 30th July 1am GMT+8. Just expect more teases and info drops regarding the other playable Avengers. Previously, the first War Table presentation showcased Thor and Kamala Khan gameplay. 

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