Square Enix Launches Balan Company Action Game Studio

Square Enix has announced the launch of Balan Company, a new action game brand that brings together talented action game developers, visual and music creators from both inside and outside of the company.

According to Square Enix, the “Company” in Balan Company refers to the creative staff, in the style of a musical cast or theatre troupe. It symbolizes how professionals from different disciplines in the new studio is like a company of players, with games as their stage, to tell great stories and provide the “ultimate in action game entertainment”.

Balan Company

However, not much else is known about the company, which remains mysterious. Square Enix does promise that more information on the first title from Balan Company will be announced in the near future.

You can visit the official website here, which will provide information on Balan Company’s future products.


Author: Alleef Ashaari

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