This Kotobukiya Wonder Woman Figure Looks Ready To Kick Butt

The AFA Shop has announced the Kotobukiya’s latest series, Cross Frame Girl, which is a collaboration series between Kotobukiya’s “Frame Arms Girl” and other well-known media content.

The first to join the series is one of The Big Three of DC Comics; none other than Wonder Woman herself. The model is based on a new original illustration by the beloved Fumikane Shimada, best known for the character designer in anime like Girls Und Panzer and Strike Witches.

In addition, Cross Frame Girl models are also compatible with currently sold Frame Arms Girl models, so users can interchange head, arm, and leg parts for further customization options.

The Wonder Woman Humikane Shimada Ver. includes three face parts (normal front-facing, normal left-facing, and yelling). a sword, a shield, the Lasso of Truth, various armour parts, shield effect parts, and a simple base.

Those living in Singapore can enjoy free shipping for all Kotobukiya products available on At the price of SG$80, pre-orders for the Wonder Woman Humikane Shimada Ver. is open from now until 28 August 2020.

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