Just like with The Last of Us Part 2, PlayStation and its merry band of third-party developers are celebrating the release of the gorgeous & action-packed adventure title Ghost of Tsushima the best way possible. With lovely artwork.

Companies like Pixelopus (Concrete Genie), Insomniac (Spider-Man, Ratchet & Clank), and Naughty Dog (the incel darling TLOU2) are showering congratulations to Sucker Punch Productions with their depiction of the game’s protagonist Jin Sakai alongside the company’s associated mascot and main character. Check them out below; they’re definitely wallpaper-worthy.


Sony Santa Monica


SIE Bend Studio


Naughty Dog


We’ll be sure to put in more if any other artwork crop up. For now, have fun with these. If you still need convincing on buying the last-ever PS4 exclusive, read our review now.Β 

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