This Big Chinese Online Entertainment Company Is Hosting Its Own Games Press Briefing

No Chinajoy? No problem!

One of China’s biggest online entertainment platforms that focuses on anime, comics, and video games will be hosting its own new game press briefing later this month; 31st July. That company? It’s Bilibili.

For those who don’t know, Bilibili is the main Chinese publisher for anime/anime-like/mobile gacha nonsense like Fate/Grand Order, Princess Connect! Re: Dive, and SinoALICE (the mobile game from Yoko Taro). In other words, quite a big deal. The game press briefing will feature 11 games; while primarily on mobile gaming in China, the company has expanded to PC and consoles recently.

Previously, the company announced its investment plans for games like Eastern Exorcist for PS4 and Steam, as well as the mobile port of 2018’s indie darling action Metroidvania-esque game Dead Cells.

Author: Team KKP

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