Japanese Tourism Site Launches Campaign To Make You… Go To Tsushima

A Japanese tourism site has launched a new campaign dedicated to Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima, in order to promote Tsushima Island (which is part of the Nagasaki Prefecture in Japan) to tourists.

For those unfamiliar with the real-life Tsushima, it is an actual island in Japan, located in between the Japanese mainland and the Korean peninsula. Ghost of Tsushima does feature several historical places that still exist on the island to this day.

As if assisted by a guiding wind, scroll through the website and you’ll see authentic pictures of the real-life locations that have inspired the expansive open-world in Ghost of Tsushima. Amongst the many temples, ruins, and natural landscapes, players should recognise Komoda Beach, which is where the Mongol Empire landed their invasion force in the beginning of the game.

Tsushima Komoda Beach 1
Komoda Beach in real life.

Oh, and what tourism website would be complete without information about the local cuisine? For the foodies out there, there’s a section for exactly that if you want to explore the delicacies of Tsushima Island.

Tushima Hot Pot
Tsushima’s Iriyaki Hot-Pot.

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