Kizuna A.I Plays No Straight Roads; Didn’t Experience Existential Crisis Thankfully

In No Straight Roads, players control Bunk Bed Junction duo Mayday and Zouk to fight against EDM practitioners. One of them is a virtual idol named Sayu.

One wonders what would happen if a renowned video-gaming virtual idol were to play this segment of the game? Well, wonder no more as Kizuna A.I experiences the second major stage of No Straight Roads with unexpected results.

Here is how Kizuna A.I reacts to the bit where Mayday tells Zuke that Sayu isn’t real.








She is conflicted, to say the least.

Kizuna A.I experiences the rest of the Sayu segment; she’s taking it incredibly well given that she’s literally shown how the process goes in making virtual idols. Like herself.


Most normal virtual YouTubers would freak out, but Kizuna A.I. was professional and calm about it. I wouldn’t know; I’m not virtual. I think.

Too bad she didn’t make it through the final Sayu section; her reaction to Sayu’s final form would have been priceless. You can watch the full segment below.

Author: Mr Toffee

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