Tales of Crestoria Reroll Guide: The Best Starting Characters To Gacha For

This guide is still under development; the game is pretty recent and is ever-updating.

The latest Bandai Namco mobile game Tales of Crestoria features a lot of polish in its turn-based RPG gameplay, a bevvy of Tales characters to collect, and a solid plot involving a messed-up society with twisted senses of justice & retribution. It almost makes you forget that there’s an upcoming Tales for next-gen.

This new mobile RPG also features a slew of characters to pick from. But who is the best? And who should you start with? We won’t be releasing a tier list for a game that’s not even a month or two old, but we’ll talk about the next best thing…

The Best SSR Heroes You Should Reroll

For those who are not aware, rerolling in a mobile RPG means restarting an account (and doing the necessary data-wiping & clearing) once you’ve reached the screen featuring a huge selection of random starter heroes. Just make sure to use a Guest Account when prompted if you are starting and attempting a rerolling. This is common in mobile RPGs, since the reason you’re rerolling is to get a good selection before committing to a choice.

Tales of Crestoria is pretty generous with its in-game currency, since you can make up to 8 extra pulls once you complete the game’s current story on Normal. And also get 10 extra summon tickets.

Having said that, why not tweak the odds to your favour and try out a reroll or two before committing for the long haul? As an added bonus, you can also score Memoria Stone versions of existing copies of SSR characters; Memoria Stones can be used as “equipments” to boost character stats and add buffs to your preset party. (eg: You can equip a Memoria Stone of Kanata onto a Kanata in your party to give him a good attack bonus. It makes sense in-game).

Here are our SSR picks from high to low priority. If you happen to gacha them in your subsequent pulls, way more power to you!

Estelle (Tales of Vesperia)


It’s pretty tough to gacha a decent healer once you’re past the “reroll” stage, so you might as well pick an SSR tier one if it’s offered FOC. Estelle has the skills and kits to heal your party and deal some support-level fighting for your party; her Mystic Artes is pretty awesome in that regard.

As a general rule though, it’s best to prioritize support characters over damage dealers because you’ll be getting more of the latter for your future pulls. Just like any gacha game, results may vary.

Kanata (SSR version)


The main character of the game comes in an SSR flavor too. He hits hard and can give +15% attack to all his pals. His Memoria Stone boost is good, and he has short cooldown times for his skills.

Kanonno (Tales of The World: Radiant Mythology 2)


When your game features a LOT of heroes who use Longswords, a Longsword-focused SSR hero who gives his/her kin substantial buffs is invaluable in the long run. Kanonno is one such heroine you should aim for if you want to build a Longsword-wielding party. Also her artes cooldown is decent when compared to other SSR heroes.

Velvet (Tales of Berseria)


Her evil arm isn’t for show: Velvet is one of the best SSR level damage dealers in the game. Her Mystic Artes deals a whopping 450% damage at max upgrade, and her regular Artes can debuff enemies efficiently.

A pity there aren’t any decent Martial Arts characters to team her up with. Still, do not count her out as she ends battles super-quick.

Leon (Tales of Destiny)


Leon is a multi-hitting beast who can keep the combo count going. Getting a high combo count means getting extra buffs via a hero skill.

Speaking of which, his hero skill will benefit dual-blade wielders exponentially, as well as stack with the additional +10% he bestows.

Rita (Tales of Vesperia)


Rita is a speedy Water-based attacker with short cooldowns for her artes and has a hard-hitting Mystic Artes. Her buffs aren’t too shabby either if you’re going for a separate all-Water party. Pairs well with heros like Kanonno.

Ludger (Tales of Xillia 2)


If you rather just play the debuffing game, Ludger is your go-to SSR hero. He also comes with a good skill bonus for Dark allies and can help boost up the combo count with his multi-hitting artes. He goes well with heroes like Leon.

Milla Maxwell (Tales of Xillia)


This titular fan-favourite is a good hard-hitting pick if you want to focus on offence-driven characters and an all-Light party. Her cooldowns for her skills are decent and she does give a generous HP boost.

Misella (SSR Version)


Like we said, healers are invaluable at the start of the game. She may not have the best cooldown times, but she has good debuffs and can heal in a pinch.

Plus, she does give good defense to the party with no additional cost. If you can get another SSR character in your pulls, go for her.


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