Let’s Talk About Ghost of Tsushima’s Ending & The Major Decision You’ll Make

Hope you’re all enjoying your couple of weeks with the last PS4 exclusive title before the next-gen cycle: Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima. Now let’s talk about what transpired at the end.

Some of you probably want to keep on playing and liberate the entire island, or just take your time with it. Some of you may be a tad impatient and just want to skip to the last moments of the game without doing the legwork. If you really want to read up on the ending, you’ve come to the right page.

This is your major spoiler warning, in case you couldn’t tell from the title. In case you clicked on this by accident, here are your grace period breaks.






We’ve warned you. Let’s “DOSHOO!” roll.

After rallying the troops and doing one final push to stop the Mongols from bringing a plot package over to mainland Japan, you finally meet Khotun Khan and fight him mano-a-mano. The fight is pretty epic; you get to duel him in an intense battle and figure out his moves, which hit really hard and pretty far.

Just when you think you have the upper hand, he runs off but not before poisoning you with a cheap shot and siccing his Mongol soldiers at you.

The second half of this battle is insane because not only do you have to deal with a Khotun Khan with really long-reaching AoE unblockable moves, but you also have brutes and archers going after you. Not really a fair fight, but you aren’t the Ghost for nothing, right? Don’t let the above video below fool you; I died numerous times before getting the hang of this fight and the one after.

This boss battle is the most action-packed and requires all your Ghost tools, your sword stances, and even your super move Ghost Stance mode. Protip: try not to get hit too much or at least use Ghost Stance often, and make sure to unlock ALL your dodge and parry options before you attempt any Act 3 story mission.

And That’s Not All!

After you’re done, there’s ANOTHER final section in the game involving your uncle Lord Shimura. Yes, even after you’re done killing off Khotun Khan, you still have to deal with a mission called “The Tale of Lord Shimura”.

To recap, Ghost of Tsushima’s narrative hinges on the inner turmoil burning inside Jin. He holds fast to the code of the samurai and looks at enemies in the eye when he kills them. Or he can continue down the path of “the Ghost”, shirking his principles for more dishonourable, yet more effective, methods of silent assassination.

Lord Shimura isn’t a fan of the latter, something made clear after you rescue him at the end of Act I.

At the end of the second act, while storming Shimura castle with Tsushima’s ragtag forces, Jin leans all the way into his Ghost persona to prevent disaster. He dishonorably kills an entire Mongol contingent with poisoned milk rather than allowing his countrymen to march into honourable-yet-futile open combat.

Jin saves the day, but doesn’t evade punishment. Shimura exiles him—a fate that lasts through the entirety of the third act.

After escaping Lord Shimura’s prison (RIP Sora, you magnificent white beast you), Jin spends the rest of the game preparing to storm the Khan in Izumi Village. After extensive planning, Jin and his motley crew decide to attack without explicitly receiving the backing of Shimura and his resources, even with a heartfelt letter sent to him via a pretty challenging stealth mission.

Then, during the final assault, Lord Shimura and the mainland samurai army swoop in at the 11th hour. Dramatic comeback, yo!

Despite saving Jin’s ass at the Khan battle, he’s still pissed off about the dishonourable bits in Act 1 and 2. He plans to meet with Lord Shimura and hash these problems out in a seemingly calm scene talking about his retribution.

Thanks to the shogunate mandate, Jin is to lose his samurai title and his Omi Village estate. Clan Sakai is to be formally disbanded. And, oh yeah, Jin’s slapped with a death warrant.

Shimura has no choice but to comply with this because of his dedication to honour. True to his lifelong commitment to that code, he opts to duel Jin rather than outright execute him. At least they have the decency to compose a haiku before the big fight.


Once you win the fight, you can either choose to give him an honourable death or spare him. Is there a story change for this? It’s honestly not a major one like your Mass Effects or even Sucker Punch’s own InFamous titles. The ultimate question is not whether you spare Lord Shimura or not. It’s whether you like cool white armour dye (Honor his wish for death)…


…or awesome dark red armor dye (Spare his life).


Also, your “home base” reward is also dependant on these choices. If you kill Lord Shimura, you get a property down the Musashi coast called Dawn Refuge. If you spare him, you’ll get a spot called Tradition’s End which is southwest of Omi Village. Both these areas are different in looks and aesthetics, though I favour Tradition’s End because it’s next to the giant-ass Buddha statue.

Check out the major choices below, and also note the origami cameos of previous PlayStation titles from the God of War axe to the first colossus in Shadow of the Colossus. 


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