Hawkeye Joins Marvel Avengers As A Playable Character

Square Enix, Marvel, and Crystal Dynamics just streamed its Marvel Avengers War Table livestream for the month and talk more about the upcoming third-person action game beta. But that’s not all: the team announced that fan-favourite Avenger Clint “Hawkeye” Barton will be joining the game as a playable character post-launch.

The Crystal Dynamics team are using the Matt Fraction-David Aja version of Hawkeye, which is arguably the best version of the character in recent memory.


The kicker? He and his story missions (playable in both solo and co-op) will be free DLC for the game later after Marvel Avengers launches 4th September. There will also be three other post-launch DLC characters joining the fray; they’re obviously kept secret at the moment.

Oh yeah, and there are some additional details about the game. Basically there’s a single player campaign called “Reassembled” where Kamala Khan brings the band back together. Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow, and Thor will be playable heroes at launch.

After finishing the campaign, you’ll enter the “always on” Avengers Initiative post-campaign content. You’ll be doing multiple instances of saving the world from threats and incursions via solo or co-op missions of varying difficulty in action gaming glory.

So Who Will Be The Other Three?

Our guess? Based on how big Crystal Dynamics are with bringing comic book love to the game, we’re guessing Ant-Man…


…The Wasp…


…and Vision, who may introduce post-DLC Ultron missions to eff stuff up.


What are your guesses? Who will be the remaining 3 characters in Marvel Avengers? Let us know on Kakuchopurei!

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