Here’s Your First Look At The King of Fighters: Awaken Movie

King of Fighter fans and SNK crossover lorehounds: you are in for a treat.

SNK and its film production partners Joy Pictures, Original Force, and iDragon Creative Studio just revealed its trailer for The King of Fighters: Awaken, a CG full-length animated movie. It is scheduled for release in China for 2022.

Check out the trailer below with subtitles by Banden:

If one of those names sound familiar, that’s because iDragon Creative Studio is responsible for the The King of Fighters: Destiny video series that’s free on YouTube right now.

Based on what’s been revealed, the movie will focus on the beginning of The King of Fighters ’96 where the game’s last boss Goenitz beats up our main hero Kyo Kusanagi as the latter is preventing him from stealing one of the series’ sacred treasures he was protecting.

Kyo obviously lost that fight, which led to him drastically altering his moveset in KOF ’96. The trailer implies that Kyo is dead, but those who finished KOF ’96 should know better.


The movie also puts the spotlight on his rival and the other popular KOF character, Iori Yagami.


And yes, that is him feeding a kitten. The movie will probably show his softer side when he’s not beating up and/or murdering his own teammates to a pulp after every tournament.

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