SNK Is Adding A Free Furry In Its 1800s Era Samurai Fighting Game

Continuing its character crossover spree, SNK is adding in a Honor of Kings MOBA character in its current 2D fighting game powerhouse Samurai Shodown.

Entering the ring is Gongsun Li, voiced by Kana Ichinose and uses her parasol to attack enemies. Unlike Shizumaru, she also uses a bit of magic to teleport and use huge gusts of winds as her Super move.

She will be out on 5th August for the PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Switch versions of Samurai Shodown. Oh, and also Stadia too, if you cared…

Yes, You Have Used Gongsun Li Before…

You may be wondering “what the hell is Honor of Kings“? Well, you may have played or heard of its international English equivalent: Arena of Valor.

Honor of Kings is the local Chinese version of Tencent’s hit MOBA; Arena of Valor is the English version with heavily-modified characters to avoid copyright infringement issues. Most of its Chinese cast are copy-pasta versions of Dota 2 and League of Legends characters, after all.

Which brings us to Gongsun Li. “She” ends up being a “he” as Gongsun Li is Eland’orr in Arena of Valor. Right down to the girly pirouettes.

You have to give the devs credit for hiding it well though.

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