Star Citizen Fans Are Still Upset About The Game They’ve Backed Eight Years Ago

If it takes too damn long for a game to be made, it’s best to just cut your losses. Such is the case of Star Citizen, whose fans are growing increasingly unhappy at its developer Cloud Imperium Games for not showing progress and opening up communication.

The latest issue is about the Star Citizen single-player spin-off Squadron 42. Originally due in 2016, the game is obviously delayed. In March of this year, the company said that progress on the spin-off is still being made.

“[W]e’ve found that the format in which we’ve attempted to visualize our progress linearly does not match the approach we’re taking in the development of Squadron 42. We want to be clear: progress on Squadron 42 is happening and we’re broadly happy with that progress. But we know that our roadmap is not reflecting that progress.”

5 months later, fans haven’t heard anything about Squadron 42. In response to the many Reddit posts about the game, CIG said that they’re working on a new roadmap. 

“[The game] is still very much in development, we can’t share as much about it as [we] would like.

While it’s not quite ready, it’s currently top priority on the web team’s current projects. In the immediate future, we plan to deliver the following communications:

  1. Give an explanation of the goals of our new Roadmap and what to expect from it
  2. Show a rough mockup of the proposed new Roadmap
  3. Share a work in progress version of the Roadmap for at least one of our core teams
  4. And then finally transition to this new Roadmap

Imagine waiting for a huge space sim that rivals the likes of Wing Commander and Freelancer, and having to wait for eight years after crowdfunding it to surpass US$300 million. And then not seeing an end in sight. And then having a spin-off announced for it, and then not seeing any fruit or any insightful progress or updates four years later. Eight. Frickin’. Years.

I’m not sure if there are people still defending this project, but if there are, that’s a pretty clear example of Stockholm Syndrome. For all the flak it received, at least Mighty No. 9 came out and was done with its drama.

Author: Mr Toffee

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