Bleach: Brave Souls Is Coming To PC This Summer

Anime fans burned by the Bleach series can find solace in the mobile iOS and Android game Bleach: Brave Souls, a top-down action RPG title that’s as simple to play and grasp. With 50 million downloads and a free-to-play approach, it’s essentially THE gacha game for Bleach fans trying to recover from the disappointment that is the shoddy latter half of the anime series and the rushed manga ending.

You can now wallow in the F2P game on PC soon as KLab will release the 3D action game onto PC via Steam. The PC port features controller compatibility, high-quality up-rezzed graphics, and support for multiple devices.


For the latter, if you linked your KLab ID and Facebook accounts, you can play with the same user account on both your smartphones and PCs. Beats going through the BlueStacks nonsense, eh?

Check out the gameplay below, in case you want justification for another mobile F2P gacha fix:

Author: Mr Toffee

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