It’s official: Singapore’s main gaming and esports association on the little red dot of an island has gone through a rebranding.

No longer is it called Singapore Games Guild, formerly a sister organisation of the International Games Development Association Singapore (IDGA|SG). Now it’s called the Singapore Games Association (SGGA), and it’s supported by Enterprise Singapore, Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and the Singapore Tourism Board (STB).

In addition to its usual job of supporting Singapore-based development companies and advocating made-in-Singapore games, the new SGGA will also be enabling support for the full spectrum of the country’s gaming and esports industry. It also will empower members to its network with local and international gaming and esports associations, organisations, and businesses to promote best practices and explore global opportunities. The association is still non-profit and membership-based.

Singapore’s Finest

Who will be running the rebranded SGGA? Industry veteran Gwen Guo (who runs Imba Interactive) will be leading the chapter, working alongside vice-chairperson Elicia Lee (who runs Eliphant and has started/ended GameStart Asia) and exco member and esports go-to guy Jayf Soh (who founded Singapore esports team Resurgence). Other notable names include:

  • Brian Kwek (owner of indie games publisher Ysbryd Games)
  • Emmanuel Yao (Associate Director of Production Services at Ubisoft Singapore)
  • Karen Teo (VP of APAC Global Business Group at Facebook)
  • Cavin “Cameraman” Koh (director of Strategic Partnerships at Eliphant)

So if something’s right with gaming in Singapore (or wrong in hopefully rare cases), you can attribute it to the SGGA. If you’re making games in Singapore and need a helping hand, the SGGA can help. You can get a head start by checking out its upcoming SGGA Industry Day digital conference later this week on 7th and 8th August. 

Update: here’s the schedule to the weekend digital SGGA conference.


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