Warframe’s New Update Introduces Bizarre New Warframes & Infested Open World

The last few days was a trove of good news for Warframe fans who aren’t swayed by other third-person co-op shooters of 2020. The game will be receiving a brand new open-world area with its own story mode called The Heart of Deimos, some new features, and a couple new warframes.

Let’s break it down:

The Heart of Deimos

The Heart of Deimos an expansion that includes a new moon to explore, Deimos, that repurposes some old Warframe missions called Derelict Key missions and adds one big new open-world called Cambion Drift. Like Warframe’s previous open-world areas, you’ll complete bounties, gather resources, and chip away at an overarching story quest.

The gist is the Infested has taken over the moon and are worming its way towards the Heart. You have to stop this through said quests and whatnot. It won’t be easy: you’ll be fighting new enemies that can toss other enemies at you, as well as go through segments requiring a powered suit of undead armour called the Necramechs.

Check out the demo below; it’s definitely more than enough to make you go back to being a Tenno.

You can recycle old warframes & equip their abilities

Developer Digital Extremes solved the problem of players sticking to just a few warframes and keeping the excess in their proverbial wardrobe closet: recycle the old ones and bring those abilities to their current getup.

Heart of Deimos lets players power up their warframes by replacing one of its abilities with a new one. You do this by feeding your old unwanted resources to a fleshmouth thing called the Helminth who will park itself into the alcoves of your ship (via story reasons).

Traditionally, every warframe comes with four main abilities, but this new system will create tons of potential to mix and match abilities from different warframes. Using the Helminth, you can swap out one of your main abilities for something new if you feed it enough. The more it eats, the higher it ranks; it’ll even give you its own abilities, like replacing the warframe Mag’s pull with Helminth Strength that gives your next ability double strength and power.

You can also feed it your old warframes and then transfer its abilities to another warframe. Obviously, it won’t be its signature ability, but the rest of its abilities are fair game. To keep things from going out of control, you aren’t allowed to feed it any Prime-variant warframes. Why would you? You took way too much to get a Prime variant anyway.

The new Warframes

As with any Warframe update, the new warframes are where it’s at.


The Xaku armour has custom movement, is going for a “Frankenstein’s Monster-like” motif, and comes with a signature Warfan.


The Alchemist has snakes coming out of its armour, and probably involves poison or some form of debilitation and debuff abilities.


The Wraithe might be a stealth and sniper-like warframe for players to use. Beyond that, little is known about all three of them.

The new expansion will launch on 25th August, with the new warframes to follow after that. You’ll be getting them before 2020 ends.

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