Disney’s Mulan 2020 Goes Straight To Disney+, Which Will Make SEA Debut In Indonesia

After so many delays, Disney will be releasing its live-action rendition of Mulan on its Disney+ movie streaming service on 4th September.

The movie will be a “premiere access” title that will cost an additional US$29.99 to stream, in addition to the monthly fee you’ll be paying. This applies if you’ve been using a VPN for your House of Mouse film and cartoon fix. This will be a one-off thing according to Disney, but may change if people start paying extra for this.

In related news, Indonesia will be the first Southeast Asian country to receive Disney+ according to a Hotstar ID Twitter post (via Coconuts.co). Congrats, neighbours!

There is no local pricing just yet, but we suspect the service will arrive in other Southeast Asian markets soon like in Singapore and Malaysia. At least before 2020 ends, give or take. It’ll be interesting to see how the US$29.99 business model fare, as the company might apply it on other bigger and more anticipated films like the upcoming Marvel’s Black Widow movie.

Author: Mr Toffee

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