Street Fighter 5 To Add Dan, Rose, Oro, & Rival School’s Akira

Capcom has announced the characters who will appear in Street Fighter 5 for its fifth and final season of the game. In case you didn’t see the headline, it’s Dan…



SFVRose (1)



…and Rival School’s Akira. The last one’s quite a surprise for many of us.


There’s also a fifth and final character, but the team will be saving that announcement on a later date. Due to COVID-19, production on new content has been slow on Capcom’s side, so these characters will only start rolling out later on Winter 2020. Here’s a breakdown of Street Fighter 5’s Season V roadmap.

Winter 2020

  • New character: Dan
  • New Stage: Capcom Pro Tour 2021 stage
  • New costumes: Sporty x3, Nostalgia, CPT 2021 x2, Fan Design x2
  • New battle mechanic
  • New battle balance

Spring 2020

  • New character: Rose
  • New stage: Rose stage
  • New costume: Professional Costumes

Summer 2021

  • New characters: Oro, Akira Kazama
  • New Stage: Akira

Fall 2021

  • New character: ???
  • New Stage: CPT 2022
  • New costume: CPT 2022 x3

Two Alpha characters, one SFIII character, and a Capcom universe character from a long-forgotten fighting game. Don’t that beat all?

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