Aeon Must Die’s Former Devs Speak Out Over Crunch, Mistreatment, & Being Unpaid

Update: Focus Home Interactive published a statement. It is added into the story.

To say that there is some wild s*** going on with the recently-revealed indie sci-fi 2D beat-em-up Aeon Must Die is putting it mildly. Recently this morning, the trailer for the game was revealed. 20 minutes after that, a person under the moniker “Erkki Poots” revealed a Dropbox link containing the many, many alleged stories surrounding the title.

Let’s break down the highly-detailed account of this recent drama:

  • In a nutshell, most of Aeon Must Die’s development staff quit the studio -Limestone Games- due to crunch, staff mistreatment, and lack of payments.
  • The Dropbox folder contains many, many testimonials from Limestone Games’ former artists, designers, composer, and programmers all highlighting the “mistreatment” and “betrayal” from its current management.
  • Lowlights from the folder include the firing of key members before important deadlines, no effort from management to scout for new talent, constant scapegoating, gaslighting, work overload and overtime, and financial threats. There’s a lot more, FYI.
  • The company’s original CCO lost the Aeon Must Die IP and the company he founded, while oweing the investor 50k Euros. This is due to the shady dealings of the CEO.
  • The awesome trailer you see up there? That’s all outsourced to artists without contracts. As of this posting, the trailer is receiving quite a substantial amount of dislikes due to the Dropbox folder and its testimonials.


Focus Home Interactive issued out the following statement following these allegations.

Assuming it’s not taken down yet, the Dropbox link is here for all to see and read. We’ll be updating this story as it develops. With the devs already gone, we do wonder if there’s ever going to be an Aeon Must Die game in the first place.

Author: Mr Toffee

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