Free Weekend Returns For Call of Duty

Players can look forward to Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Multiplayer for free starting from 1am GMT+8 on 8 August 2020 until 1am GMT+8 on 13 August 2020.

This action-packed free access period gives free-to-play Call Of Duty Warzone players access to new Multiplayer content that recently debuted in Season Five, including two new maps; Suldal Harbor and Petrov Oil Rig.

The moshpit will offer deathmatch modes like:

  • Team Deathmatch; a race to rack up 75 kills.
  • Kill Confirmed, a 65-kill win condition where kills are only counted when they are confirmed by picking up enemy dog tags.
  • Domination; where points are earned by holding objectives and the first to 200 wins.
  • Hardpoint; where points are earned by holding a single rotating objective and the first to 250 wins.

The Multiplayer Playlist will feature the following maps:

·      Suldal Harbor

·      Petrov Oil Rig

·      Shoot House

·      Shipment

·      Cheshire Park

·      Rust

·      Scrapyard

As an extra incentive for players, Infinity Ward has activated a triple feed from 1am GMT+8 on 8 August 2020 to 1am GMT+ on 11 August 2020.

Players will earn Double XP, Double Weapon XP, and Double Battle Pass system tier progression in every Multiplayer match to advance up the tiers and level up their Operator and weapons.

Modern Warfare Free Multiplayer 2


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