Granblue Fantasy Versus Season 2 Will Be Out This September; Teases New Character

Anime fighting game fans can look forward to a lovely second season of 2D fighting game wunderkind Granblue Fantasy Versus.

Arc System Works has announced the date for Season 2: 24th September. The highlight of the bottom trailer is Belial, now playable later this year. He shows up in GBVS’ story as the secondary antagonist, so he’ll definitely play a bigger role here. Moves-wise, he seems tailored to be a rushdown mixup-plenty character who sets up traps and punishes mistakes with fast moves and distance-closing shenanigans.

The Season 2 pass also features balance changes for all characters, Versus Rank reset, and an additional 5 new characters. If you buy the Season pass, you also get to dress shotos Gran and Djeeta with Malevolent Alter Ego bonus outfits.


Oh yeah, there’s going to be a story update for the game’s RPG mode. There will be five new chapters and a Zooey boss battle, as well as rankings for the Boss Rush Mode.

And to cap off this good news, Arc System Works teased the next character: the female wizard Cagliostro. She’ll be out as a playable character late October. Which may confirm that the next four slots may involve these character predictions. It’s only a matter of time until Sandalphon pops up.


The third Season 2 character will be out later this year, while the fourth, fifth, and sixth will be out in 2021.

Author: Mr Toffee

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