What IS Up With Earthworm Jim 4?

Earthworm Jim, a classic 90s 2D action platformer, is finally getting a sequel in a form of a 2020/2021-made action game called Earthworm Jim 4.

The problem? It’s made exclusive to the Intellivision Amico, an upcoming new console that hasn’t proven itself to be much of anything just yet.

What’s the Intellivision Amico? We’re not sure either, but it’s an Android-based console that’s supposed to be out in October, but was pushed back to April 2021 most likely due to COVID-19.

Another problem: shouldn’t a debut of a revitalized 90s mascot be a little bit more action-packed and a lot less “tech demo”? Still, the 2D artwork and game engine it’s using shows some promise. And as long as the art direction for the majority of the game borderlines on smooth and “less messy”.

So far there’s no release date for the game yet, but we do know that the franchise’s original creators will be on-board Earthworm Jim 4. That also includes artist Doug TenNapel whom people take umbrage with. While he’s a talented artist and graphic novelist (with works like Earthboy Jacobus and Tommysaurus Rex), he’s also known for having racist and homophobic comments.

Looks like a steep mountain climb for part 4, eh Jim?

Author: Mr Toffee

Mr Toffee is a writer, editor, & all-around video game words guy for 9 years, give or take. He also did some story for games like Chain Chronicle and some podcasting on the side. Likes: bacon, Metallica, jogging. Hates: raccoons, oblivion. Twitter: @MrToffee

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