Bandai Namco Will Continue Churning Out Dragon Ball & One Piece Games

Big surprise: Dragon Ball, Gundam, and One Piece are among the top-selling IPs for Bandai Namco in its latest fiscal year quarter.

Check out the graphics below, especially at the “Network Entertainment” side. That’s where video games lie:



To sum up both graphics:

  • Network Entertainment brought in the most sales with 328 billion yen in the 2020 fiscal year, with the Toys & Hobies segment following close with 253 billion yen.
  • In the first quarter of FY2021, the Network Entertainment segment reached 77.85 billion yen, which is 9.3 percent more than last year’s fiscal quarter.
  • Dragon Ball, Gundam, and One Piece are the top three IP performers in the first quarter of FY2021 with 27.1 billion yen, 20.7 billion yen, and 10.5 billion yen respectively.
  • The spikes you will see in the FY2021 first quarter bit is due to COVID-19 making everyone stay in and play video games to pass the time, to put it bluntly.

Interestingly, Bandai Namco predicts Kamen Rider to be just as successful as One Piece once the fiscal full year is complete. In any case, we’ll be seeing a deluge of shonen action anime/manga game adaptations in the near future. Ain’t no stoppin’ these gravy trains.


Author: Mr Toffee

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