Epic Games Just Made Fortnite V-Bucks Cheaper

If you thought microtransactions in Fortnite is bad enough, imagine permanently making it cheaper than usual.

Epic Games recently gave Fortnite’s virtual currency, V-Bucks, a 20 percent discount. From now on, any V-Bucks you buy on PC, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch will be discounted automatically. Furthermore, V-Bucks will cost less on mobile since it’s using a separate payment mode (directly to Epic) to circumvent Apple and Google’s 30 percent fee.

The best part? If you purchased V-Bucks in the last 30 days between 14th July to 13th August, Epic will give back 20 percent of your total purchase back as V-Bucks. Basically, if all you play is Fortnite and all you buy online is Fortnite V-Bucks, this is basically a steal.

As icing on the cake, Epic is giving all active Fortnite. players a free Shooting Starstaff Pickaxe.



Author: Mr Toffee

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